Is it weird if i give workout advice to my friend on facebook?

Answer send it in a facebook email...

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Is it weird to friend someone on Facebook you've just met?

Just send the request it can't really hurt and if she already gave you her number I'm sure its okay to friend her on fb. I have done that before they were ok with it. The worst she would do is not ... Read More »

In Facebook, would it be weird to accept a friend request?

I ignore any and all facebook requests of people that I do not talk to. I've had people that I went to high school with who I was not friends with that would facebook me and I would click on ignor... Read More »

Would it be weird if you unfriended your ex on Facebook an then friend them back?

Do you have that friend who posts weird stuff on Facebook?

Yeah, my buddy shares porn videos he liked. and similar erotic and porn stuff.