Is it weird if a guy buys another guys a drink?

Answer It's kind of just a thing to do with some people, regardless of sexual orientation. I don't go to bars often, but almost every time I do there's somebody saying hey i'll buy ya'll a round. And then... Read More »

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When home do you, drink wine or another drink?

just water , Bob . I am spirited enough without alcohol * smiles * D :)

This question is weird for guys?

1. George Clooney2. Matt Bomer3. Chris Hemsworth4. Henry Cavill5. Gerard Butler

Is it weird for guys to use Chapstick during school?

not weird. better than suffering chapped lips all day. anyone says anything, then do it in private.

If someone buys you a soda in which they spent is it your's to drink after they buy it for you?