Is it weird for me to listen to this song?

Answer You can listen to what ever music you like, regardless of what others think. It is good to listen to a wide variety of things incase you get bored from hearing the same thing sometimes.

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Is it weird that I listen to records?

I listen to EDM, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Classic, and Blues. Am I considered weird?

I also listem from classic to heavy metal, rock/pop, rap, etc...In fact in my Spotify playlist I jump from Evanescence to Adele and then Azealia Banks :pYou're just an audiophile :p

What song do you listen to when your sad?

hey when i'm sad i listen to the following songs as they help me get thru the bad times:the cars-driver.e.m-everybody hurtsroxette-it must've been loveeast 17-stay another dayevanescence-my immorta... Read More »

What song could you listen to over and over?

I love so many songs that I could listen to "over and over" that they are too many to list here. Mainly Mariah Carey music.Groups and singers that sing "Over and Over"1. Nelly2. Madonna3. Young ... Read More »