Is it very unhealthy for your 2.5 years old to throw up when he cries too much?

Answer You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

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Is it unhealthy if you never throw up?

Consider yourself fortunate. You throw up when your body is trying to expel or get rid of something that isn't supposed to be there (like too much alcohol, an infection, etc.). Don't worry about it.

How to Throw a Halloween Party for Kids 11 to 15 Years Old?

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My girlfriend cries a lot?

Haha your unbelievable Scoundy lol.. just make sure it says Waterproof on the tube, oh and try be a bit nicer when going about your feedback, for example when she asks you what she looks like in he... Read More »

How do you know when your baby cries in the womb?