Is it venom that a spitting cobra spits?

Answer Spitting cobras do expel venom from their fangs when they spit. Spitting is a defense mechanism employed when the snake feels threatened. While the venom may not necessarily kill their victim, it c... Read More »

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What Are the Treatments for Spitting Cobra Venom Poisoning?

There are various species of spitting cobras. Despite their varying color appearance, they do have one thing in common: When they "spit" their venom from their mouths, they are targeting their pote... Read More »

How to Remove Spitting Cobra Venom from Eyes?

Spitting cobras are found in Africa and parts of South-East Asia. The spitting action is a form of defense and the venom can travel over a meter towards any glint of an eye.[1] If a member of your ... Read More »

How much venom is in a cobra bite?

According to, the amount of venom that is delivered by a cobra bite varies significantly. Amounts can range from 150 to 350 mg. 18 to 45 mg is considered an amount large enough to kill a... Read More »

What is venom and which reptiles have venom?

Many animals produce venom, but the type of venom and its purpose varies from one animal to the next. Rattlesnakes are the most recognizable venomous reptiles in North America.VenomVenom is a toxin... Read More »