Is it unsafe to use your name as your e-mail?

Answer I have two. A general one I use for the Public and a personalized one with my name in it for my friends to remember. The second one is only given to people I know won't abuse it like my mother and ... Read More »

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What do you do when your alcoholic ex-husband has custody of your two children and you believe his behavior is creating an unsafe environment for them?

getting back at EXIf the court does not know he has a problem you NEED show the court he has a problem. First if you don't have a lawyer GET ONE ASAP Second do you have visits with the children if ... Read More »

What can you do if you feel unsafe in your home but cannot leave because what if your states legal age to move out is 18?

Call your local Social Services office and explain to them the reasons you feel unsafe in the home. They will determine whether or not to investigate and take any legal actions necessary to resolve... Read More »

On msn when you change your name and next time you sign in it is your old name not your new name?

How unsafe is it to pull your own tooth?

My uncle use to pull his own teeth with a pliers. He never got any infections. Then again he use to drink alot also. So just drink lots of alcohol after you do it to kill the infections.