Is it unreasonable to dive 160 miles round trip to get food?

Answer Not at all, whilest on your way could help me pick up a ***** to breed my new puppies with. I am trying to breed Cockerdoodles this month.

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Can you buy a round trip ticket with airline miles?

You can buy a round trip ticket with airline miles. The amount of miles needed to buy the ticket varies based on travel destination and seat location. For instance, Delta offers economy tickets w... Read More »

How many miles does it take for a round-trip ticket with United Mileage Plus?

United Mileage Plus members may redeem awards for travel on United and United Express flights to many locations worldwide. A round-trip ticket within the continental United States is 50,000 miles f... Read More »

What is a round-trip flight?

A round-trip flight is a flight that brings you to your destination and then includes a flight to return you to your original point of departure. Round-trip flights are often offered by airlines at... Read More »

What is the definition of a round trip?

The definition of a round trip is travel that begins and ends at the same destination, usually traveling over the same route. Round trip can also be used as an adjective, as in round-trip ticket.Re... Read More »