Is it unhealthy to be a vegetarian when you are a teenager?

Answer If you do your research a vegetarian diet is very healthy. Get the Vegetarian Starter Kit from - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Vegetarian Nutr... Read More »

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Ever since I started eating vegetarian, I feel like my diet has become very unhealthy. Any tips?

Make sure you are getting a variety of fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, shrooms, seeds, nuts, etc. That's the most important thingYou might be able to find some good info here:http://www.veganoutr... Read More »

I'm a vegetarian teenager in need of energy--can anyone help?

try a salad that does not need heating. Combine these ingredients in equal amounts and dress with mild or spicy picante sauce, which ever you prefer.1 cup cooked whole wheat pasta1 cup cooked bean... Read More »

Does going vegetarian make a teenager stop growing?

No. Your height is determined by your genes.

Is is unhealthy to be overweight when you get pregnant?

Answer It unhealthy if you are overweight or underweight. Being overweight may increase you chances of high blood pressure and stroke. Talk with your doctor about this