Is it typical to experience an intensifying of symptoms while on Chinese herbs?

Answer Per Avatar Gary's response, I think he makes some valid points.The source and "purity" of marketed "Chinese" herbs is an abyse of UNregulated mystery.Too, certainly your symptoms (taking what you a... Read More »

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In your experience, what kind of battery life does a student need to get through a typical day?

One that lasts through an entire lecture as not everyone can have a powerpoint next to their chair. I had 3 hour lectures for my degree and if I didn't have a laptop with a really long battery life... Read More »

Does anyone have any personal experience with any of the herbs said to improve memory and concentration?

Yes, I do. Understanding how our brain functions to the "max" is the key to identifying the herb for memory and concentration. What our brain needs are proper nutrients (like Polysaccharides , also... Read More »

A Typical Chinese Rock Garden?

Throughout the history of China, as well as other Asian countries, the creation of different types of gardens was meant to metaphorically transport the occupant into the larger, natural world. Rock... Read More »

How do you take chinese herbs?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes a range of medical practices in an alternative medical system also used in the Western world. TCM includes herbal medicine such as acupuncture, massage a... Read More »