Is it true you shouldn't dye your hair while you are pregnant?

Answer Answer Your skin does absorb everything that has contact with it so it isn't wise to use dye or shampoos with harmful ingredients in them.There was a time when scientists actually said that skin do... Read More »

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Is it true you shouldnt eat peanuts out of a bowl on a bar because of them being covered in wee!!?

Is it true that when you have ur period u can't get pregnant?

SO FALSE! YOU CAN GET PREGNANT BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER YOUR PERIOD. It just depends on when you ovulate.Can you get pregnant during your period?The debate on whether or not a woman can get pregnant... Read More »

Is it true that you can't get pregnant if the girl is on top?

No, that's a myth. A woman can get pregnant by having unprotected vaginal intercourse in any position. In fact, pregnancy can happen any time ejaculate (***) or pre-ejaculate (pre-***) is spilled i... Read More »

When you are pregnant is it true that the man's penis cannot get all the way in you?

Answer No, the fetus is inside the uterus. During intercourse, the penis is in the vaginal shaft. Speak with your OBGYN to discuss if intercourse is safe with your pregnancy. Be sure your partner i... Read More »