Is it true you should leave the dust on port bottles?

Answer You neighbor is referring back to a common eighteenth and nineteenth century custom many practiced when storing port wine. Port can be affected and damaged by direct exposure to light. Back when ... Read More »

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Why do people leave their mops, broom and dust pan when they move?

it's an old wives tale,that to take these will be bringing the bad from the old home to the new they leave it,and buy new ones for good luck..that is why you don't borrow anyone broom to s... Read More »

If i leave external usb port connected to the PC while i'm not using it .. would it still consume power?

Nah, let's say the external hub is sucking up 10 watts, a very conservative number as it's probably a lot less. Let's say you pay 10 cents a kwh so that would mean you're paying .001 cents every ho... Read More »

Is it true that it's best for your pc to leave it on?

A good compromise is to use hibernation IE suspend mode. It won't hurt your hard-drive much as it uses the disk much less than a normal start-up/shut-down and yet turns the computer off completely... Read More »

Is it true that acne can leave scars?

It certainly can leave scars but I would say that it is a good thing that you are trying to get it cleared up right now. The younger you are, the more resilient your skin is and the better chance ... Read More »