Is it true when you have a sunburn you vomit?

Answer Normally, you don't vomit with a sunburn.If you are dehydrated and over heated, you can vomit.But not with a simple, red sunburn.

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Is it true that if I put on sunscreen after I already have a slight sunburn...?

No, and put the sunscreen on heavy. It is not like putting tanning lotion on, but it is actaully blocking the burning rays.

How long should you stay out of the sun when you have bad sunburn?

till the sunburn is gone. like 5-20 days:)

What to do when you have a huge sunburn on you back?

Take a cool shower then put some aloe vera and tea tree oil on it.

When using honey on a sunburn do I have to rinse it off right away?

Honey for a sunburn? That's interesting. I've always heard of using Aloe Vera. Either the gel or lotion or the stuff from the actual plant leaf if you have an aloe vera plant. The gel/lotion works ... Read More »