Is it true when you have a sunburn you vomit?

Answer Normally, you don't vomit with a sunburn.If you are dehydrated and over heated, you can vomit.But not with a simple, red sunburn.

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Is it true that if I put on sunscreen after I already have a slight sunburn...?

No, and put the sunscreen on heavy. It is not like putting tanning lotion on, but it is actaully blocking the burning rays.

If I just got done working out and I feel like I'm going to vomit, should I just go ahead and vomit?

Let it come out, but it means you're overworking yourself or not drinking enough water. Don't hold in vomit -it's stomache acid, so it's harmful to hold back... Plus it gives you heartburny feelings.

How can I stop unbearable sunburn itching Is hydrocortisone cream bad for sunburn?

For a quick fix before you do yourself any permanent injury, place an ice cube on the burn and move it around. The shock of the cold will stop the itch dead. Be warned though, this only works as lo... Read More »

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