Is it true we all got to buy cable tv next year and new tvs to?

Answer MonMon and Robottox get a passing grade. The rest of those answers fail.TV goes all digital on February 18, 2009 except for low power stations and translators which send TV signals over mountains ... Read More »

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Does It Matter if you spend £5 on a HDMI Cable or £50, some say true 1080?

In my experience the only difference is the price, the one I bought at £5 works just as well as the one I paid £60 for.

If I have a newer TV, but no cable, is it true I can buy a HDTV antenna for local channels?

Any antenna will allow you to pick up over the air signals if you are close enuf to broadcast towers. Outside antennas work best, but any will work, there really is no HDTV antenna. Some people w... Read More »

Is it true that next year in 2009 every tv has to be digital?

It's actually been a law since June 2007 (I think) that any new TV being sold has to have a digital tuner. Several major electronics stores recently got slapped with big fines by the FCC for sellin... Read More »

Is it true that orange trees only bloom once a year?

Orange tree flowers bloom white and cluster in groups of one to six blossoms. The fruit develops in the following fall or winter, depending on the species. The cycle repeats each year.Source:Flori... Read More »