Is it true they don't build sidewalks in Texas Usa anymore?

Answer nope.But that state has got serious problems no doubt.Start with George W Bush and his Rangers, theykeep beating the Twins.--

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Is it true if you dont eat sweets you dont crave them?

Yes that is true, if you don't have them you will not get the impulse to eat them and the desire will abate, or go awayDune

I just dont think I can cope with TTC anymore....?

I can understand how tough this is for you. I believe you will conceive and that you are meant to have kids. Anyone who can show this level of devotion and persistence is meant to be a mother, and ... Read More »

What if you dont want to be with your adoptive parent anymore?

There is not much you can do except wait for adult age to leave or emancipate if you have cause or perhaps you can meet with both parents & they can mutually agree to guardianship of the other unti... Read More »

I dont feel awake anymore?

maybe a severe depression? go to a therapist.