Is it true theres a killer video tape going round?

Answer of course its true. u now hav 6 days. cant wait to meet u!MWAHHAAAHAAHA MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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What is the womans name who adds the killer ball in the last round of Golden Balls?

I definelty think they are married.It is all over the news on TV and all over the internet

Who is the killer in True Blood?

When Renee was younger, he was known as Drew Marshall. His sister got intouch with some vampires and from there, it went wrong. One of the vampires killed Renee's sister. So from there, he was pret... Read More »

Who is the killer in True Blood season 1?

Is it true --Cancer to Surpass Heart Disease as World's Leading Killer?

Yes Very True!Heart is the strongest muscle in our body and heart has a very good ability to open up new routes for pumping blood in case of mild blocks. Only when we accumulate more fat it becomes... Read More »