Is it true that every time you stub your little toe it breaks?

Answer No. It might feel broken, but it's not really. If it still hurts after a day, get it checked...that could mean it's broken. But it doesn't break every time it's stubbed.

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How to Dull Your Taste Buds?

If you need to eat or drink something that's unpleasant, knowing how to shut down your sense of taste will come in handy. Here are some tips to numbing your taste buds.

Is there a way you can "DEsensitize" your taste buds?

I know it may not seem like it - but the more you eat of those foods, the more accustomed you become to them. I saw this on a Scientific American tv show once.So you might try slow - like putting ... Read More »

Is it possibly to numb your taste buds so you could eat anything?

All of your senses exist to protect you. Extremely spicy or sour things can cause structural damage to your mouth, esophagus and stomach. It is not a good idea!

Is it true that after seven years your credit debt is erased?

After seven years, you may request to have negative marks removed from your credit report. However, depending on the statute of limitations on that type of debt in your state, the debt still may be... Read More »