Is it true that your hair grows faster on the side you don't sleep on?

Answer the other thing that might be is that they are bangs, because if you cut any piece of hair it will grow faster than the rest and did u notice that only your bangs grew and not the rest of the side ... Read More »

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Is it true hair grows quicker when its cut Why?

No it is not true. Hair is basically dead protien and cutting the end does not alter the growth rate from the folical. It is merely perception that makes it look like it grows quicker, For example,... Read More »

Is it true if you dont eat sweets you dont crave them?

Yes that is true, if you don't have them you will not get the impulse to eat them and the desire will abate, or go awayDune

I've been sleep walking and sleep talking recently to my mum but when i wake up i dont remember anything?

I used to sleep talk and walk alot, and when my family tell me what I talked about, I can remeber what I was dreeming about. You talk during a dream so it would be related to that. But people more ... Read More »

Which Plant Grows Faster, a Rose or a Sunflower?

Plant growth rate is dependent upon many variables including weather, nutrition and plant species. In addition, different varieties of one plant can grow to different heights and at different speed... Read More »