Is it true that Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing?

Answer Dear Friend,Here the information you need, that I could gather from Internet.;'' The eye is not properly a sphere, rather it is a fused two-piece unit. The smaller frontal unit, more curved, calle... Read More »

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I want to get my ears,nose,lip,belly,an maybe my tounge is that to much?

I don't think so. I have those piercings & it sounds like alot & it might look weird but, it doesn't. Because if you think about it your ears, belly & tongue piercings are hard to even see, then if... Read More »

How do I get my ears to heal faster, I heard vasaline works is that true?

You talking about the piercings? I'd use Neo-Sporin.

How do you pop you ears besides plugging your nose and blowing?

I have found that plugging your nose and blowing is not a good idea when have congestion at all. So like other people said bite on something chew gum, yawn and take ibuprofen. Good Luck!

MJ Fam: Do you think it's sad that Michael Jackson never found true love?

according to sources it did find true loveraping little innocent white boys