Is it true that you regularly break your little toe without knowing it?

Answer oh man, I hope not - that's kind of scary.

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Can your water break without you knowing it?

Yes it can. Actually mine broke with my first child, I did not know, it was like a glass of water, it was trickling all day. After about 10 hours I sat down after my college class and I thought abo... Read More »

Is it true that when you are pregnant that there are little white floaters is your urine?

Answer Not necessarily. That could also be a kidney or bladder infection.

Is it true that when a seatbealt stops from a crash that the forward momentum can break your neck?

Anything's possible, but in 32 years of automotive safety, I've never heard of it.

Is its true that if you slice up patatos and put them around your arm you can break your arm(pls read details)?

Everytime I think I've seen the most bizarre question possible on YA, something like this comes along.