The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Is this saying true (Guys only please)?

Answer ehhh...stomauch is good. a girl who can cook bomb meals is definitely a plus. but you cant be a one trick pony to get a guy. you have to be well rounded. you also need to do for him what other girl... Read More »

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Is it true that black guys have bigger hardwares?

Maybe you can ask ML to test that hypothesis for you?;P

How to Generate True and Honest Love from Guys?

We can feel with our gut the true nature of things. And sometimes you feel that, no matter how many love letters you send to one another, the feelings between you two are just not that genuine bran... Read More »

Is it really true, that some guys still drink sherry at Christmas?

Is it true that the only asian girls that date/marry white american guys are the ugly ones ?

Obviously not every single one is ugly but there's some truth to this generalisation.First, whites are poor judges of Asian beauty. They often think the ugly ones are pretty based on their notion o... Read More »