Is it true that you can't make a decent cup of tea up a mountain?

Answer i think it is because the tea bags get altitude sickness .lolthe lower air pressure means you can not get the water to 212 FTEA UPï¹¾

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Is it true that in us army boot camp you cant drink milk?

In the Army, you either go through Basic Combat Training and then Advanced Individual Training, or else you go through One Station Unit Training - it depends on your MOS. Boot Camp is the Navy, Mar... Read More »

Is it true that you cant download music into iPod touch if its jail broken?

Not if your careful with the jailbreak apps that you download. Some of the apps from Cydia can harm your iPod touch and possibly block your iTunes account.

Is it true that the red headed guy in CSI Miami is retarded because he cant hold his head up and is given insipid lines?

The "red-headed guy" on CSI: Miami is David Caruso and is not mentally impaired. He does how ever have a hunched over demeanor and does have many many one liners. However let us remember the show i... Read More »

What is the BEST camera that I can buy. I mean I need one that make pictures that look like true life.?

Sony cameras are very handy. But if you want life like pics go for one of the latest nikon models. They are really can search for a digi cam at this link Read More »