Is it true that you can't get pregnant if you swallow semen?

Answer You will NOT get pregnant and if you have a sore throat, it will magically disappear!

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Is it safe to swallow semen when you are pregnant?

Answer yes, the stomach will kill the little sperms joymaker rn

Is it true that if you swallow chewing gum that your arteries clog up?

NO NO NO it digests a bit slower that's all NO harm will come to you if you swallow it honest its an old wives tale about it clogging up and getting stuck in your body ........we have had this ques... Read More »

Is it ok to swallow a mans semen?

No it can give you AIDS according to the pakistan scientists watchout

I have a sore throat and pain, feeling like I cant swallow, almost as if I cant, or its blocked.?

See your doctor, you may have strep throat. You can't expect anonymous people who can't examine you and are not physicians to diagnose your problem.