Is this true (girls only question!)?

Answer sweetheart you are only 14 years old, you still have a fair few years of growing left to do. Dont worry about a silly comment such as gaining weight to make you breasts grow bigger. If nature inten... Read More »

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Is this true girls about periods?

thats what i've heard. but it could be just a myth.

Ladies/Women/Chicks/Girls - Are these true?

Steve, dude, wouldn't it be more productive to share this with the guys who still don't have a clue?

My friend said girls will stop having periods after they have sex, it dat true ?

If they get pregnant, then yes. Otherwise no they wont stop.

Is it true that when you have ur period u can't get pregnant?

SO FALSE! YOU CAN GET PREGNANT BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER YOUR PERIOD. It just depends on when you ovulate.Can you get pregnant during your period?The debate on whether or not a woman can get pregnant... Read More »