Is it true that you can disinherit a biological child but not an adopted one?

Answer No.

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I was adopted when i was 6 my biological father died a few days ago since he's not on my birth cert how can i prove for social security that i am his biological child?

Since you were adopted by another man at age 6 and now go by his surname I don't think you can be considered you biological fathers child in the eyes of the law now. Your biological fathers name is... Read More »

Can an adoptive parent disinherit his adopted child?

I don´t think so. As a convicted sex offender he will get from the court and the police obligations... which will be that he won´t be allowed to live with children in the same house. There are ot... Read More »

What can you do to claim your biological child that was adopted?

You have to go to court but the chance is minimal they would take the child away from her/his family. You basically have no claim.

“Never once considered the possibility that I’d view an adopted child differently than my biological children”?

I can tell you that where I adopted from (local CAS) they talked this subject to death. We talked in depth about what committment really means, and what the child will go through. I though didn'... Read More »