Is it true that wikipedia is not a good site to find information?

Answer Yes, it is true. You should never use wikipedia as a source for academic purpose. This is because anyone can go and change the information on this site. Even you can go and become a member and chan... Read More »

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Is it true that Wikipedia users can change anything on the site?

Anyone who isn't blocked can edit any page that isn't protected. You can trust most of what is on Wikipedia. You should check the references at the bottom of the page to verify the information is... Read More »

Besides Wikipedia, whats the best site for unbiased information?

wikipedia is not a good source!!!!!try

Is Wikipedia providing true information or not?

Unfortunately anyone at all can edit the content, and some teens seem to think it is a huge joke to add offensive or inappropriate content

What's the point if Wikipedia if you can't even tell which information is true or not?

that's like saying whats the point of humans being on earth.Most of the information on Wikipedia is true, I usually use it to find things that Britannica and other encyclopedias could NEVER find.Wi... Read More »