How do I get my ears to heal faster, I heard vasaline works is that true?

Answer You talking about the piercings? I'd use Neo-Sporin.

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Do wounds heal faster if they're uncovered?

According to Red Cross guidelines antibiotic ointments aid in the healing process, and to answer your question; it's better to cover a wound. There is more of a potential for scarring when a wound ... Read More »

For all my people that love to eat, is it true true that macaroni and cheese is better than pizza?

What is causing these wounds/sores on my body that won't heal (picture included)?

Okay well I can't really diagnose this as I am not a dermatologist.From reading your post I can suggest 2 things:1. You explained that new 'wounds' rarely appear and that during healing they get dr... Read More »

Is it true that soilders use sugar to treat their wounds in battelfields....?

I'm in the military as a medic and I've never heard that. I've heard of Special Forces/Rangers peeing on wounds to clean/disinfect a wound. The ammonia found in the pee supposedly disinfects the wo... Read More »