Do wounds heal faster if they're uncovered?

Answer According to Red Cross guidelines antibiotic ointments aid in the healing process, and to answer your question; it's better to cover a wound. There is more of a potential for scarring when a wound ... Read More »

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How do I get my ears to heal faster, I heard vasaline works is that true?

You talking about the piercings? I'd use Neo-Sporin.

How to Heal Old Wounds?

It doesn’t seem to always matter if you broke up with someone a year or a decade ago. If you haven’t taken the time to heal from old wounds, you may be harboring negative emotions that are stor... Read More »

How long does it take for a dog's wounds to heal?

Healing times will vary greatly from dog to dog based on the location, size and depth of the wound as well as the breed and age of the dog. Minor wounds, such as small cuts, may heal within a few d... Read More »

Can sperm help to heal wounds?

healthy sperm can heal infections and sores. not because of direct bacterial action though.healthy sperm heals because the accompanying testosterone, comes into contact with tiny blood capillaries.... Read More »