Is it true that vegetarians TEND not to be interested in religion?

Answer What? Huh? Baffling!Ok Ok Ok....I am a vegetarian, and I am a Christian. There is absolutely no correlation between the two. I prefer not to eat meat, simply because it's (meat) unhealthy for you. ... Read More »

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Do children with higher IQs tend to go on to become vegetarians?

Again you fail to provide a link...…Here it is. You will also notice that the difference is only 5 points, not a major difference. If you also read careful... Read More »

Do vegetarians generally tend to not buy products made from leather or other animal skin / fur?

Vegetarianism is strictly about diet, so, theoretically, one can call themselves a vegetarian and wear fur and use products tested on animals.Generally speaking, however, I believe most try to avoi... Read More »

VEGETARIANS ONLY: Religion and vegetarianism?

AtheistI'm not sure there's any connection between my vegetarianism and my atheism.I'm an atheist, well, for the obvious reasons. I don't believe in any god/goddess/higher power etc etc. I have rea... Read More »

Vegetarians/Vegans - Have you been over to the Religion & Spirituality section?

its where i spend my time here, so yeahits what it is you either like it or you donty/a and all places and sites like this will have trolls, lots of themthats what people doAdditionaljessica, if yo... Read More »