Is it true that trees actually scream when being cut down or even just fondled?


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I noticed that my sisters husband puts her down a lot. She says they have just been fighting lately and he is not normally like this. Even so I don't think it is right .What do I do without being nosy?

Also he is ruining thanksgiving for everyone. He has been really rude to everyone all day because my mom said something to him about it. I always thought he was a cool guy until now but I haven't v... Read More »

Is it true that women actually like tall, dark haired and handsome men Just curious!!!!?

Not necessarily. It depends on the personality. But I have to admit, dark haired men look really. good

Is it true that just because a tv is plugged in, it still uses electricity even though it may be turned off?

Yes, it uses very little electricity, but still uses electricity to keep the sensor powered that detects when you hit "power" on the remote control. That and no electric switch is perfect. Even i... Read More »

How to Be Happy and Love Oneself Even when Being Put Down?

So you've just had another bad day and you feel bad with yourself yet again. Nobody loves you? You're always going to be lonely and those people who hurt you won't ever let you forget it? Read on a... Read More »