Is it true that trees actually scream when being cut down or even just fondled?


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Is it true that orange trees only bloom once a year?

Orange tree flowers bloom white and cluster in groups of one to six blossoms. The fruit develops in the following fall or winter, depending on the species. The cycle repeats each year.Source:Flori... Read More »

Can you just scream for me...?

((((((((((SCREAMS))))))))))there!!now i feel better!!thanks!!:)

How to Emo Scream?

How to Emo Scream. In Screamo songs, there Is a lot of "Screamo." Emo Scream, Is another word. But Screamo Is more often used.

True or false You like Apple Juice True or false u dislike Tea. True or False. You like Root Beer?

1. True! 2. FALSE! LOVE tea!3. Yes! But I prefer a Cream Soda Float over a Root beer float :)