Is it true that trains only travel East to West because they move faster with the Earth's spin and save gas?

Answer Yes, they do. And, they always stop for Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

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How can I get the waivers needed to get NBC east and NBC west and abc east and abc west and fox east and fox west with dish network or American direct?

How long does a cargo ship to travel from the west coast of the US and the east coast?

It needs to be cleaned, disinfected and in the case of sea-water de-salinated.Small amounts can usually be treated with commercially available tablets, while lage amounts need to go through a water... Read More »

When a shows comes on the east coast at 900 pm do you watch it on a east coast channel at 600 pm in the west coast are there any east coast channels in the west coast?

well it depends on what side you are on like if you are on the south side than they might say 7 to 8 central you are going to watch 8 o clock because the 7 is on the east side

What is the cheapest way to travel from east coast to west coast?

Look at flights from Boston or New York - they will be cheaper than flying from Hartford or somewhere like that. Kayak or Momondo are good sites to try, and also Virgin America, Southwest, and Jet... Read More »