Is the human brain smarter than any super computer?

Answer Yes, I saw this on another website. Lets say that you make a supercomputer and a human solve a massive mathematical equation. The supercomputer would start computing and the human would cut off the... Read More »

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Is are you smarter than five grader true?

It is a real show that uses abstract trivia knowledge learned in elementary school to trick older contestants. Usually the questions asked are so obscure that the answers are not useful to the job... Read More »

Is it true that people that like trains are smarter than those that do not?

have you seen the big bang theory? one word...sheldon.

Is it true that women have less accidents then man because they drive smaller cars than men?

Its NOT the smaller cars that do it, is it, cos some women drive 4x4 so that throws that arguement right out the window.The reason women have fewer accidents than men is because MOST women are cons... Read More »

Is it true that your jawline will become a little smaller if you have your wisdom teeth extracted?

I recently had a large wisdom tooth removed from the top left and I reckon maybe it makes my jaw look very slightly smaller.AnswerThe most common reason of wisdom teeth extraction is that the jawli... Read More »