Is it true that the quality of HD is worse on big TV's such as 50"+?

Answer It's true that a bigger screen will expand the image and not be as sharp, but with high definition tv this is much less of a problem then standard definition was. It's up to you to decide which is ... Read More »

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Is it true that the higher the megapixels, the better the quality of the picture?

Nope. In fact, too many pixels on a small image sensor will actually generate more noise and worse image quality. There are other factors which are MUCH more important to image quality than the n... Read More »

Is it true that passive 3D TVs have lower quality images?

There are two types of 3D television available currently. LG have chosen the passive 3D system which splits the image lines to left and right eyes. The effective resolution is reduced from 1080 lin... Read More »

Is it true that the longer you use your plasma screen tv the better the picture quality gets over time?

The picture quality will not change in 6 months.Generally...over time though HDTVs start to lose their brightness(contrast). This is a gradual change that takes anywhere from 60,000 hours to 100,00... Read More »

Is it true that ink refill can damage the printer or can cause of poor quality of the printer?

If done incorrectly, yes. Normally, the problem is that most people don't know how to recap the cartridge, allowing the ink to spill everywhere inside the printer while it's printing, causing A LOT... Read More »