Is it true that the new samsung galaxy tab will cost £800?

Answer Off contract yes, but the iphone costs nearly that in its top spec.On contract expect the usual subsidies.

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How much will the samsung galaxy s4 cost?

The cheapest one will be $199.99, but there will be more expensive versions with more storage

Headphone jack How much does it cost to repair on a samsung galaxy s3?

The same thing happened with my iPhone. You may have a one year warranty so go to a phone shop and check. Apple gave me a new phone for free.

Will samsung galaxY s3 mini go cheaper if samsung galaxy s4 comes out?

I don't really understand why people get smart phones. If all you need is calling and text messaging, what can it do better than something that costs a fraction of the price and is a far smaller si... Read More »

Samsung galaxy s111 or samsung galaxy note?

If you are an aspiring photographer, then your choice is clear, Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It won't be out till end of this year though. I am a professional photographer and this will be my next phone.... Read More »