Is it true that the more icons you have on your pc mon/screen the slower it works.?

Answer No, not at all, but it makes it a little more cluttered up. If you like nice clean things, or if you stick with that rumor, I would place everything similar together in groups, if you have Windows... Read More »

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Is it true that the more you get older your appearance changes?

As you grow older your face goes through some changes, especially if you don't take care of yourself. Remember, smoking, alcohol, drugs, processed foods, weight gain and loss can all take its toll ... Read More »

Is it true that if you are more hydrated your blood is lighter in color?

Your 36 weeks pregnant and 1 cm dilated and your doctor said she thinks you will have your baby within the next two weeks but your on brethine will that make things go slower?

Answer Brethine is designed to stop uterine contractions. It can usually delay labor for about a week to give your baby a slightly better chance.At 36 weeks your baby should have no problems surviv... Read More »

Has there ever been a study done to show that slower drivers tend to cause more problems that faster drivers?

No. People who go the speed limit are only "slow" drivers because of maniacs who insist on going 40mph over the speed limit. If everyone is speeding like bats out of hell, then for your own preserv... Read More »