Is it true that the UPS signing clipboards have a camera?

Answer It's called a DIAD. It's completely Untrue otherwise they Don't have Cameras in the DIAD. All it's doing is capturing the Signature electronically which doesn't actually takes a picture of the Sign... Read More »

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Is it true that signing up for Medicaid will get you less financial aid for college?

No it will not affect your financial aid; however, two-able bodied young adults will not qualify for Medicaid - it's available for low-income individuals under the age of 19 (children), the elderly... Read More »

What is the cost of signing of a father signing over his rights?

I heard you could get $200 for signing up for a satellite dish. Is this true which satellite dish network?

Yes, however it's not $200 in your pocket exactly... What I mean is, you have to sign up for a satellite dish, and they credit that $200 towards your account. So while it's just as good as $200 fo... Read More »

Is it true that the camera adds lbs?

How a camera portrays you completely depends on the angle the photo was taken at and the lens used. Wide-angle lenses tend to create a "pin-cushion" effect where the image is distorted. This will m... Read More »