Is it true that the English beer brand "Boddingtons" is no longer being made?

Answer The horrible keg piss is still made, but they've apparently stopped making the cask variant, which was drinkable.

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True or false You like Apple Juice True or false u dislike Tea. True or False. You like Root Beer?

1. True! 2. FALSE! LOVE tea!3. Yes! But I prefer a Cream Soda Float over a Root beer float :)

What is the best brand of beer?

Is It true that if you keep your computer switched on, it will last longer.....?

In my case it's not true. I left my laptop on standby all the time (for about 3 or 4 months) and just recently had to get the hard drive replaced for 90 quid. So I'm gonna say no, it's not true.

Is it true that if you sleep less you live longer?

Really? Well I lack sleep so yeah I hope so! :D