Is it true, that tea can temporarily counter a (poisonous) snake bite?

Answer I think it the way...did the question come from an episode in detective conan?

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How do you know if the snake that bit you is poisonous or not?

Step #1 in finding out if a snake is poisonous or not is to look at its pupils: If the snake has slit pupils (as in a cat), then rush to the hospital - you have been bitten by a poisonous snake. If... Read More »

Is it true that if you bite your tongue, you'll die?

I also have seen this many times in many different anime's, so it cant be something someone just made up. I had a look into it and found out that there is an artery in the tongue called the Lingual... Read More »

How poisonous is a sidewinder snake?

The sidewinder (crotalus cerastes) snake is a small rattlesnake that originates from the southwestern United States and northwest ]Mexico. The sidewinder snake has three sub-species: cerastes, cerc... Read More »

Is snake venom poisonous?

It's completely dependant on what type of snake you're dealing with but either way I really wouldn't recommend it if you value your life