Is it true that someone is born every 8 seconds?

Answer yes

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Is it true that a baby be born with eight arms?

Yes. A baby girl, Lakshmi , was born in Bihar, India somewhere around 2005. It was thought by some Hindus to be the re-incarnation or imbodiment of the Hindu goddess Vishnu, as she was supposedly b... Read More »

Is it true that all babies have Synesthesia when they are born?

Well it may be true however, has not been proven and there are many causes to Synesthesia that could happen even after baby stages.

Is it true a baby could be born on a full moon?

My network disconnects me every 30 seconds and reconnects me after 5 seconds?

It might be something as simple as Skype using all the bandwidth available to that computer. Video connections can use a lot of bandwidth and depending upon how you are connecting to the router, th... Read More »