Is it true that some cheeses aren't Halal ?

Answer the production of cheese requires the use of enzymes to coagulate or curdle the milk and the addition of other ingredients for various functions. The enzymes can be derived from animal, vegetable, ... Read More »

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Are there any mobile beat making software/apps that are free and arent trials If so where can i find some?

Sorry But I dont know any FREE mobile beat making app. Most free programs/software are trial versions only. Moreover, If you're looking for a decent beat maker, You can check on Dub Turbo, Cakewa... Read More »

Some people say that Rootbeer is a type of beer.Is that true?

I been hearing that now some scanners are capable of listening in on cell conversations is that true!?

In the earlier days of cell phones, conversations were more likely to be overheard on a home/mobile scanner. A few years ago the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) mandated that the producers ... Read More »

Do you get banned for jailbreaking your iphone some people say that if i did the jailbreak thingy the applestore will ban me is that true?

No, that is not true. Jail broken iPhones still have access to the Apple app store. The only thing it will do is break your Apple warranty on your iPhone.