Is it true that soilders use sugar to treat their wounds in battelfields....?

Answer I'm in the military as a medic and I've never heard that. I've heard of Special Forces/Rangers peeing on wounds to clean/disinfect a wound. The ammonia found in the pee supposedly disinfects the wo... Read More »

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Has sugar ever been used to treat battlefield wounds?

THE USE OF SUGAR TO ENHANCE WOUND HEALING The use of antibiotics by the PHCP in the field has the inherent dangers of improper dosing and allergic reactions. The associated activities of preparing... Read More »

How to treat cat wounds?

Serious cat wounds cat be difficult to treat due to the fiercely defensive nature of felines when they feel threatened or are in severe pain. Even the sweetest cat can turn into a blender of claws ... Read More »

How do I treat my wounds?

From my experience depends on the wounds. Sounds you most likely just have some abrasions (your classic scrap). I recommend cleaning it out by scrubbing with an antimicrobial soap and water. Yes it... Read More »

How do i treat my wounds help?

Do not use neosporin! It traps the bacteria in! Let your skin naturally. Put a band aid on it and give it lots of fresh air. Your epidermis(skin) knows what it's doing.