Is it true that sisters become closer after getting married while brothers become distant from his siblings after getting partner or getting married?

Answer Yes, it is absolutely and totally TRUE! x)

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Why in general do brothers change after marriage and don't care about their families while sisters always care about their siblings and families even after getting married and having kids?

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Is it legal for brothers and sisters-in-law to get married?

If the brother in law and sister in law are no longer married then yes, they can get married as they are not genetically connected (same parents.)

Is it legal for brothers and sisters in law to get married?

Your father's sister is your aunt. Your father's sister's mother is your grandmother. Your father's sister's mother's ( your grandma's) only sister-in-law would usually be your father's wife, and... Read More »

Why in general brothers hating their sisters stories are more commonly heard compared to sisters hating their brothers and same sex siblings hating each other?

I haven't really thought of any situation as more common than the others, but I think it's because younger brothers tend to consider their sisters as "pests" and older brothers consider their siste... Read More »