Is it true that refilling ink cartridges will damage a printer?

Answer Some say, "Yes, it could ruin your printer."Others say, "No, it won't."Some say, "Yes, it ruined MY printer."Others say, "No, mine is working fine."I say:Consider how much it would cost to replace ... Read More »

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How much you can save refilling the cartridges of your printer...?

I have only had problems with refilled ink cartridges. The low price is no compensation for the printer problems you may encounter.

Is it true that ink refill can damage the printer or can cause of poor quality of the printer?

If done incorrectly, yes. Normally, the problem is that most people don't know how to recap the cartridge, allowing the ink to spill everywhere inside the printer while it's printing, causing A LOT... Read More »

Is it true that is you sit to close to the TV it will cause Eye damage?

That story comes from the early days of television when it was believed by many that dangerous rays were emitted by them.If television could damage your eyes, there would be big warnings on them.So... Read More »

Can you suggest an all in one printer that will not cost me a fortune in ink and cartridges.?

You are right about avoiding Lexmark and HP. I have tried both and was not very impressed. My last two printers have been Canon and they are brilliant. I now use a Canon Pixma MP180 and it is the b... Read More »