Is it true that on braces light colors make your teeth look yellow?

Answer Well thing you should know about getting light color they might wear out a little more than the darker colors but it's fine they might make your teeth look a LITTle more yellow but if you want li... Read More »

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Is it true that a true lady does't drink from a pint glass & those that do are scum.?

For all my people that love to eat, is it true true that macaroni and cheese is better than pizza?

True or false yellow and blue make green .?

False. Plants get their color because clorophyll absorbs all other colors except green, so the green light bounces off the plants into our retinas.

Fragrances & Colors That Cause Hunger?

While people obviously must eat for the sake of nutrition and sustenance, hunger often can be triggered by more than just an empty stomach. The environment around you --- be it the color of the wal... Read More »