Is it true that people can die from not brushing their teeth everyday?

Answer that is true, also i learned is that you floss everyday you can live for longer.

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Hey, is it true that British people don't brush their teeth? been talking to Americans who all have false white teeth.No, our teeth are better than most of the rest of the World, including Americans, check out Michael Phelps LOL.

Is it true that cleaning the tongue is more important than brushing teeth at night?

Yes and no...Most people don't brush the right way so tongue cleaning is REALLY important for them...They sell a Tongue Cleaner next to the tooth brushes at the grocery store... It looks like a loo... Read More »

Is not brushing my teeth everyday gross?

yes- not to mention bad breath from having a mouth full of bacteria

Is it true that some people grow three sets of teeth?

Third Set of Teeth Extra/super-numerary teeth are rare but possible. Here are some stories and input submitted by FAQ Farmers: + i am 14 and have 4 teeth behind my adult teeth and i am going to h... Read More »