Is it true that only creeps own webcams?

Answer my mom wont let me get one

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Why are there so many creeps on Facebook?

You obviously have your settings wrongSet them to 'private' and this won't happenand don't accept anyone as a friend unless they are a REAL friend

How to Aviod Creeps on Roblox?

There are many users on Roblox that seem to be constantly followed by weird and creepy robloxians. If you are on of these kind of people, then this article is for you.

Can creeps spy on you from the iPad camera?

In ways i seen on T.V. that you'd loose sleep over if i could say it.

How to Deal With a Teacher That Creeps You Out?

Creepy teachers can be so hard to deal with. You'll be sitting in class, trying to concentrate, but you just don't want to learn whatever this creepy dude is teaching, because he's so creepy. They ... Read More »