Is it true that on braces light colors make your teeth look yellow?

Answer Well thing you should know about getting light color they might wear out a little more than the darker colors but it's fine they might make your teeth look a LITTle more yellow but if you want li... Read More »

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I just got my braces off like, 2 days ago and my teeth look really big and yellow... any sugestions?

Well, this means that you didn't brush enough with the braces on, so you can always get cosmetic surgery, but you should have brushed better when you had them on.

Do black braces turn your teeth yellow?

Does wearing braces make your teeth look bigger after you've taken them off?

I've had braces, and so have a lot of my friends. I personally felt that my teeth looked bigger, but then I realised that I hadn't seen them without braces on them for a while, and probably wasn't ... Read More »

Is it true that having braces in teeth loosens them to a certain extent?

this is true, that is why when you get them off, dentists and orthodontists reccomend wearing a mouthguard while plaing sports...