Is it true that "monkey brains" are considered a delicacy in some countries?

Answer Yes & its disgusting. There is nothing I hate more than animal abuse of ANY kind.

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Is marijuana considered a fine delicacy in Detroit?

You have a point, but remember none of the good players have been caught yet, so really I don't think it's classified as a delicacy.Wait a second....Detroit good players? Talk about an oxymoron

What are some of the best weird foods you can recommend i.e. Octopus, Monkey Brains?

Octopus is great if you hang it in the sun for a few days to dry (after you've softened the meat either by throwing it repeatedly on the counter or putting it through the spin cycle of your washing... Read More »

To others it was a delicacy but to him it was`a symbol of oppression,who was he and what was the delicacy?

I would say the delicacy was "grapes" and he was "Cesar Chavez".

Is it true that nothing has a color, but our brains actually creates the colors?

Visible light is a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum also includes things non-visible forms of radiation, like microwaves, radio waves, gamma rays, etc. All of these type... Read More »