Is it true that make up makes you look older?

Answer she's right. if you wear it "too much and always" you would look older and it is bad for your skin not suggesting not to wear any makeup, but if you do, keep in mind less is more :)

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What is the BEST camera that I can buy. I mean I need one that make pictures that look like true life.?

Sony cameras are very handy. But if you want life like pics go for one of the latest nikon models. They are really can search for a digi cam at this link Read More »

What are some ways I can make myself look older so that 53yr old men in convertibles will stop hitting on me?

Well, you could stop flipping your skirt up every time they drive by your corner.

Is it true that on braces light colors make your teeth look yellow?

Well thing you should know about getting light color they might wear out a little more than the darker colors but it's fine they might make your teeth look a LITTle more yellow but if you want li... Read More »

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