Is it true that los angeles and south cal is taken over by immigrants?

Answer No lol. LA is mainly Black and Hispanic

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How to Report Illegal Immigrants in South Carolina?

Immigrants who enter the United States illegally can be arrested, detained and sent back to their country of origin. If you know or suspect that someone is an illegal immigrant, you can report the ... Read More »

Is it possible to travel from Los Angeles to South America by train (Please, no smart *** or dumb answers.)?

Interesting... there seem to be a number of fragmentary railroads in Mexico. I started with wikipedia, and branched out to their source links. is the primary Me... Read More »

All of the following statements about South Island of New Zealand are true, EXCEPT it?

Don't know, you should have asked in the New Zealand section!At a guess I would say A. B. and C. are correct, so probably D is wrong.EDIT. Yes D is wrong the Waikato in the North is the longest.

Which are the best Los Angeles Dating sites that cater specifically to Los Angeles Dating? is really good, I'm in LA too and I've meet loads ofpeople locally from off the site, I've had some hookups and a lot offun dates, and my social life is pleasantly full now which... Read More »