Is it true that los angeles and south cal is taken over by immigrants?

Answer No lol. LA is mainly Black and Hispanic

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How do you get rid of locusts that have taken over a large tree?

Answer Burn the tree down!... No I'm kidding don't do that. Call a good exterminator or have a qualified landscaper come and remove the tree.

How to Report Illegal Immigrants in South Carolina?

Immigrants who enter the United States illegally can be arrested, detained and sent back to their country of origin. If you know or suspect that someone is an illegal immigrant, you can report the ... Read More »

Is it true that mr rogers had marine tattoos all over his body?

Yes it true. He wasforce recon, and had over two kills, and as a memoir, he tatooed them all up and down his arms.

Is it true that the man formerly known as prince had a rib removed so he could bend over to suck his flute?

Yes, I'm with you Mr heights. Have you noticed how Prince's face is also getting larger. It's all down to surgery in order for him to gain easier access to his Right Honourable Member.Marilyn Manso... Read More »