Why Are Some People Left Handed & Others Right?

Answer About 85 percent of the world is right-handed. Of the remaining 15 percent, most are left-handed with a small number, about one in 100, being ambidextrous or able to use either hand to some extent.... Read More »

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What Makes People Left- or Right-Handed?

Speculation abounds as to why 10 to 13 percent of the population is left-handed, despite the fact that most machinery, tools and even cultural cues favor right-handedness. There is no clear evoluti... Read More »

How to Get Scholarships for Left-Handed People?

There is one college in the U.S. that offers scholarships for left-handed people. Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania offers the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley "Left-Handed" Scholarship to ... Read More »

What is the directional name given to left-handed people?

The "directional" name given to left-handed people is "southpaw." Famous southpaws include Neil Armstrong, Babe Ruth, Bill Gates, Prince Charles and Leonardo Da Vinci. Left-handedness appears to be... Read More »

Left-handed people use mouse with right hand?

Several of my lefty co-workers use right hands for mice because 1) they grew up learning from right handed teachers and just learned to deal with it 2) they prefer having their dominant hand on the... Read More »