Is it true that laptops dont last long?

Answer Not true. Laptops have batteries which save them from power surges.Keep the laptop elevated in the rear so there is air circulation under the laptop.Ensure you are not running background tasks that... Read More »

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Is it true if you dont eat sweets you dont crave them?

Yes that is true, if you don't have them you will not get the impulse to eat them and the desire will abate, or go awayDune

Are their any good cheap shoes websites, i dont care if their fake as long as i dont get ripped off plese help?

If they're cheap, and they break after a week, YOU WILL be getting ripped off! I've had that happened to med. You can pay a little bit more if shoes last for years, so wearing fakes also help supp... Read More »

Is it true that macs dont get viruses?

Macs can get viruses but the usually get fewer because computer hackers write most viruses for the Microsoft operating systems. Computer hackers like to affect as many computers as possible and si... Read More »

True or false,the most beautiful girls dont wear make up?

True, of course. You're not beautiful if the only way you look pretty is covered in makeup.